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My Stuff

Under this heading I will be discussing how each range develops, my inspirations for ideas and various design processes. I wanted to include these musings as it will give an interesting insight into Cat's Punky Stuff.

Pom Pom Draft Excluders, so many colours, not enough time!


Fir and olive green through orange to purple wool pom pom draft excluder
Fir and olive green through orange to purple wool pom pom draft excluder
Fir and olive green through orange to purple wool pom pom draft excluder

Living in an old house, I soon found a need for a draft excluder that could really get into the cracks. These drafties are so versatile as they can bend up the door frame with their construction being strong enough to support a long upright. As for their efficiency...they are impressive at keeping the nip out! The love for these Drafties is expressed in the many 5* reviews

Lavender Filled Herby Birdies, so many possibilities
These charming birdies are very popular as they have so many uses. They come in two sizes, with the larger birdies ideal as a light pull cord. The smaller size makes for a brilliant car air freshener. They are rammed full of locally grown, hand-harvested organic lavender, which is cut and dried to perfection. In August I am out before the sparrows on dry, warm, dew-free mornings. The lavender is dried in organza bags, so there is no waste, minimal movement and untouched by the human hand. Perfect!

Grey lavender filled bird
Purple light pull bird
Green lavender filled hanging bird

Scented Fabric Cards, many are blank, some have printed words and some you can choose your own words
It took a very long time to develop scented cards. There is a full range of hare designs, Pagan Handfasting Love cards and Saturnalia, Yule, Solstice designs.

Purple Pagan Heart Love Card
Pagan Winter Solstice Moon Gazing Hare Card
Sunflower Moon Summer Solstice Card

All of these fabric squares are stored in a lavender filled box, and then scented just before they are packed
for posting.
The designs include:

Pagan Love cards
Handfasting cards
Hare cards

Winter Solstice
Blank Holiday cards
Love from Bunny cards
The year round cards are scented with Lavender, Cypress and Bergamot and the festive ones are scented with Cedarwood, Scots Pine, Ginger and Cinnamon.

Options for rune fonts
and wax seals for that extra special event!

Winter Pagan Handfasting Card
Yuletide Blessings Traditional Noel Card
House Rabbit Christmas Card

Lavender wands, hares and lavender bags, rustic, unique and much loved
As the Herby Birdies were so successful I went on to design very long Lavender wands, a range of Lavender filled hares and lavender bags in the same style as my cards. All of these things have been received with a lot of love, they smell fabulous with the high quality lavender smelling great for years, and if you let me know it is a gift, it'll come ready gift wrapped!


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