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1984...I mean 2018 Review

Updated: Dec 18, 2018

I'm my Secret Santa

In a year that the world finally went mad... scary movie mad... looking back you have to ask why?

Most current, you have to hand it to the French. With a proven success at Revolution, get the cake out because they're at it again. Have a front row seat as our neighbours to the East express their anger and discontent with a default-elected, ex-Rothschild banker president.

Fur lined Doc Martins, my Secret Santa to me

I read the Gilets Jaune manifesto and it pretty much reads as a UK Citizen Wish List. The United Kingdom at the moment is not something to be proud of. Resent UN investigations have highlighted the seriousness and extent of Absolute Poverty in this country, and seeing how the Yellow Vest Movement has spread to Germany, Belgium, Hungary and the Netherlands, I guess it is just a matter of time! I would anticipate March in the UK to be a time of great change and social upheaval (unless a catastrophe occurs as a distraction!). Why is it always the French that have big enough cajone's to fearlessly take on the establishment. With respect France, I salute you!

Looking back on 2018, one big question has to be: Why is it even a question as to what gender you are? I don't know if it is because I rarely mix with muggles, but this has got me totally baffled. To me, surely it's about which side of the apple you bite from, and the fact you're biologically born as either a banana or a peach!!! I know there are biological 'Peanaa's' or 'Baneach's' and I totally understand bananas that would rather be a peach, or a peach that wants to be a banana, either just a simple change of colour or a full on visit to the juicer for a reshape: it's a fabulous thing that creates unique individuality and a diverse society.

It's peach and banana coloured but it's still a Nasturtium

But at the end of the day, you can shape that banana until it is a perfect peach, but inside it is still a banana. Why hasn't anyone considered the knock on effect of a generation that has no idea what it is meant to be? Social media, social expectations and social dis-functionality is going to have a lot to answer for in 40 years time!

I stopped enjoying Christmas 25 years ago, when I stated working as a courier. The two month run up to Christmas Day, the meaning of Christmas, to me meant 17 hour days, icy roads, grumpy people and generally an eight week frenzy of commercialism, stress, disappointing expectations and when the credit card bills came in...regret! Don't get me wrong, the round trip Christmas Day drive to London and back was always gruelling, after the 'hectic-nicity' of delivering parcels, but the day itself would always be exquisite, with sensible gift giving, outstanding lunch, and a doze by the fire.

I have come up with an unconventional Utopian Christmas which when explained may sound 'unchristmassy', but it really makes sense as it actually addresses the principles of the 1870's created Christmas Day traditions. I would get the family to set a budget per head, which was affordable for everyone. Multiply the budget by how many members are involved. As an example, instead of spending £20 per present for 10 family members, buy just ONE gift for £200 for yourself!! Wrap it and put it under the tree as normal. When opening time comes, turn off all electronic devices and pick a gift that you didn't buy. Each take turns in opening a box, maybe work out who bought it, talk to the recipient about why wanted it and what it's for, leaning and communicating with each other. !0 people get exactly what they want! A lap top or exclusive spa day is a far greater gift from ALL of the family, than 3 pairs of socks, 4 smellies, 2 boxes of choccies and a Christmas jumper! Banks and retail outlets might not like it, but why not completely eradicate the financial burdens of contemporary Decembers. What do you think?

With the madness occurring right now in Europe, confused kids in the Western World not knowing what is expected of them and the so called developed nations armed with a credit card are on a hypnotised spending spree, you can hear the earth heave a heavy sign of exasperation whilst the multi-national, land-raping industrial complexes listen to the ka-ching of the coffers piling up. Why is it all allowed to go on? In 2018 the top 1% of the population now owns over 50% of the worlds wealth....!

Glastonbury Abbey, Feb 2018

The media do such an amazing job at creating a make-believe world, so detached from reality that they report about as much truth as a comic book would. The pollution and animal extinctions is at an all time high, with 60% less animals in the world than just 40 years ago! It is unsustainable and a real concern, but the same people making mass produced, throw-away commodities are the same ones paying for inaccurate media reports and coincidentally are part of that top 1%!

2018 raised the bar when it came to unbelievable changes and new extremes. With all that is going on, there is defiantly a bit of sparkle in the air, a warm breeze on a summers day feeling of relief that things are starting to come to a head. Maybe it is my own realisation of how the way things really are that is clouding my judgement that others can see it too, but bit by bit, day by day there seems to more people with a better understanding that there is more to life than the latest iPhone, that the TV does not rule the home and that social expectation is something that can cause depression and anxiety, isolation and feelings of inadequacy. Simple pleasures such as good music, watching the birds feeding, sunshine, meeting with friends, creating something, whether it is a work of art or a really decent sandwich...any interaction that doesn't involve an electrical device helps create a more harmonious aesthetic.

2018 was a year of two halves for me, with loosing my mum on New Years Eve, to having huge international Saturnalia success with my fabric cards in December. I had very brown toes by May, spending all day every day of the long, hot summer, from 5 am to about 3 pm in the garden reading and weeding! It was a good summer, uncomplicated, therapeutic, healthy and relaxing. Maybe the commarison to my personal 2018 and the one the majority of the population experienced could be due to circumstance over necessity, or it could be because I see things differently giving me a peaceful, compassionate view on things. Being content is a very valuable asset and I think that it is the detachment from the rat race, not being a wage-slave, not having the need to be something I'm not or the constant feelings of having to keep up, that creates such 'at-oneness' . Whatever it is, I hope my personal 2019 is a replay of 2018, and unfortunately I am pretty sure that New Years and after will be a dark place as I still question my mum's passing. I do seriously wonder what the review for 2019 will be like, as the population starts to see the effects of unfathomable political, social and military decisions!

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