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A different path

With this time of year being quiet and cold, it is an ideal time to experiment and trial new ideas. I have developed the wreaths, using lots of jute twine wrapped around the wreath frames, with few different sized pompoms, tree twigs and woollen birdies creating a unique mobile. The new process means both sides of the wreath are pretty, and so they can now be hung from the ceiling, not just against a door or wall! This is a major development, and I am actually looking forward to these designs at Christmas. I think they will be something quite special!

As previously mentioned, I no longer need to mass produce to make a living from my crafts and have found another path opening up before me. It seems the few fairs I did on the run up to Christmas last year have really paid off. I chose well as tutoring has become quite prominent, and I have a pom pom masterclass at Alford Craft Centre at Easter, which is really exciting. The Rippingale WI (Women's Institute) are interested in what I do and an exhibition tutorial is in the planning. This is something I am very excited about, as I have many craft skills and there are a lot of WI's. It is something I really want to start doing! On top of these classes, my local village is looking for someone to start up the Newsletter. I am in the process of contacting the people involved and have already drawn some bullet journal banners and doodles that will be used to decorate the newsletter pages.

The doodles came out really well, and this is again something I will develop. I used watercolour and ink, producing little clumps of abstract flowers, trees, banners and dividers, (see the accompanying photograph!). I have a lot of new ideas for the newsletter which I will discuss with the organisers. It would be nice to welcome new families to the village, thank a neighbour for a helping hand and highlight great achievements by the younger members of the village. I hope all these ideas can be used, and plan to spend some time researching village history, talking to older villagers about the way things were and maybe learn about different careers the villages have. I think all these ideas would create a real village feel, which everyone could be a part of!

Things are still not back to normal, it is going to take forever to adjust but there are some great things planned for this year other than the classes. I have booked three days at Glastonbury village, as we haven't been away for a few years. We are so happy at home, we never want to holiday, (we even had our two week honeymoon here), with the exceptions of festivals . Glastonbury, however, is a very healing place.

I have booked at a B and B I have stayed at before, which is quite simply stunning! The very large, beautifully appointed room with pine furniture overlooks Glastonbury's colourful high street, above an art and book shop, has a pine dining table, luxurious en-suite and a single annex bedroom, as my friend is coming too. In keeping with the quality of the room is the breakfast, which is left in a fridge outside your room each morning. It has everything you could possibly want for a breakfast, and so much more, with an egg cooker, toaster and kettle in the room. I love this place and the rest will be very relaxing and spiritual. Glastonbury village itself is full of craft, art and book shops, all catering for the more mystical craftisan/artist. I intent to spend two full days checking out all the quirky, esoteric bookshops, snacking on freshly baked apricot muffins and walking up the Tor and around the Abbey. If London is the heart of the country, Glastonbury is definitely the soul.

**This blog was written in January 2018 on a different platform

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