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Updated: Jun 27, 2018

As it is the middle of January, [this blog was written in January 2018], when as a rule things are a bit quite, I have actually been very busy. Things have changed quite drastically since my last blog and a new perspective has emerged. At the end of last year, there were plans to do plenty of shows, making quick to produce, profitable ranges. There was an urgency to make a living wage, though 18 hour days would also have been the norm to achieve enough high quality, sellable stuff.

All things changed on New Years Eve, when my mum passed away at St Francis Hospice in Berkhampstead, having collapsed at the start of December, due to loosing her battle with cancer. It means that the direction of Cat's Punky Stuff will be laying low for a bit and will pursue a different ideal and future. As of yet, I am not entirely sure what I will be making, but I do plan to concentrate on making stuff in a slightly pricier bracket, mainly one-off pieces that have complicated, extensively developed processes and therefore not easy to replicate. These pieces will not be postable, so I will continue researching shops to sell in.

Having all the time in the world now, I shall be writing the second book to The Recurring Manuscripts, titled Artist Tree. My first non-fictional book called Element Tree was published in 2016 and is available on Amazon. It only took 3 months to write but 5 years deciding whether to publish it, then the editing process. Volume One of The Recurring Manuscripts, Element Tree, follows various groups of rock-music-loving people, as they festival to save the world, and the few things important to them. Its heavily influenced by alternative, forbidden history, conspiracy theories and environmentally aesthetic living. Volume Two, Artist Tree, has already been researched, is ready to be written and there are quite a few people who keep asking me when the second book is coming out. Its with great pleasure I can announce I shall be starting to write again before Spring is out.

Element Tree turned out to be a very scary book....there are at LEAST 12 things I wrote about, that has since COME TRUE...even extremely random things such as current weather phenomenon and Metallica and Robert Plant (metal and rock music) playing at Glastonbury together. Check out the line-up of Glastonbury a few years ago, since the book had been printed! There is definitely something spooky about this book, I even described living in a house, that is EXACTLY like the one I now live in, with features like an alcove next to the open fire with a window in it, or an apple orchard at the back or a downstairs bathroom off the kitchen or just one door into the house....LOTS of stuff. Anyway, I will post little extracts from Artist Tree, as and when I start to write it.

I will continue with developing pom pom stuff, and have already started making woollen birds for my wreaths. I will still draw and make calico cards too. I have been doing well with my Bullet Journal, logging and categorising everything I do, so at the end of the year I will have all that I have done and thought written down in a beautifully illustrated journal. I also plan to do an Illustrated book about rabbits, and the quirky world they live in, combined with a few mysteries of the world, which as we all know, rabbits have access and answers to!

So, lIive life to the full, tell all around you how much you love them, never put anything off...except the TV, turn that thing off and get on with doing what makes you happy, as you never know when it can all be taken away from you.

This blog was originally posted on another platform in January 2018.

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