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So, we are in the midst of my Christmas markets and it is all going really well. Choosing the smaller fairs has paid off, especially with concentrating on the immediate local, 10 mile radius. We're only talking about making enough to cover the costs and have a take-away on the way home, but by all accounts, (having read about others experiences when selling at fairs), I have had great success!

One of my main plans was to be known locally, and I have already made some great connections in a village down the road called Heckington. The chain of events that happened without me knowing was:

1. Posted on Facebook asking if anyone wanted their Lavender bushes harvesting. I planned to make Lavender products, as it is such a shame that so much of this herb is thrown away each summer! I carefully pruned the bushes and weeded, so the plant had the best start for the following year, a benefit to the household. Whilst pruning lavender at an address in Heckington, the neighbour came out, curious as to what I was doing, as the owners were out. That neighbour has now become a good friend, and I booked my first Christmas fair with her, which would be in Heckington.

2 .Sleaford St Johns Ambulance posted on Facebook, asking if any artists could donate to their raffle. I donated some of my products, a pack of greeting cards and a meditation stone. I didn't know at the time, but their fair and raffle were being held in Heckington!

3. I found a Steampunk Facebook page that was very local, turned out it was HECKINGTON! I showed them some of my designs, which they loved, and made some great connections regarding good fairs and markets. This is where I heard about the Leeds Steampunk Markets, held a few times a year, in industrial museums, (how COOL is that?)

4. Finally, yesterday had a great time at Heckington Craft Fair, in aid of Parkinsons Disease. Everyone I knew in the village came to say hello...the lavender lady who was out when I harvested, Lavender ladys neighbour who is now a dear friend, some members from The Singing Windmill Steampunk Society and a lady who had been at the St Johns Ambulance raffle. This lady remembered my meditation stone in its little calico bag that had been a prize!

So, without knowing it, the lovely little village of Heckington is the first peg on my board. I have made some great contacts, good friends and will be sure to post my new cards and invites in 2018 onto the villages Facebook pages!

**This blog was written in December 2017 on another platform

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