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bullet journal introduction

Like many crafts folk, I have lots of sketchbooks and notebooks collating information and ideas for a later date. I discovered Bullet Journals, which are annual notebooks tracking everything and anything you do. It can be as detailed as you like, some people track how many glasses of water they drink in a day and how many hours sleep they get per night. Life is too short for that sort of thing TO ME (I'm not dissing other peoples ideas), so my journal includes:

Month habit tracker (I mark a box each time when I garden, or paint stones, or make a pom pom thing, read my book, write my book etc)

Month summary/review of events

Books I have read

Films I want to get

New music interests

Various new design ideas

Geological interests

New range ideas

I have looked at examples of bullet journal pages on Pinterest, a great source for creative folk, and I am quite staggered as to what people record. I totally get recording a savings plan, or a weigh loss goal etc, but some folks are obsessed...recording if they floss, clean the bathroom and how stressed their day is! On a Mood Tracker page, you draw something, ANYTHING you like, and allocate one bit to a day of the month. With a colour code down the side, you will end up with 30/31 coloured parts, reflecting how your month went. Good examples are : raindrops from a cloud, flowers on a bush, petals on a flower, fish in a pond.....anything you like! Don't worry if you feel you're not artistic or creative, you can use simple shapes, coloured stickers or stencils. I was also surprised how many people record very negative emotions. One mood tracker had listed: Anxiety, Stress, Angry, Happy, Depressed, have to wonder what sort of a life this poor sole has, that 1 out of 6 of their general emotions are negative. I chose to record: Sad, Happy, Productive, Adventurous, Duvet Day, but you can list as many as you like!

As these journals run throughout the year, they are great for gardeners too. This year I want to experiment with foraging using weeds and garden plants for drinks, salads and stews. I have discovered that I have at least 4 edible flowers in my garden, which would look great in salads or cold drinks. Many leaves are edible too for stews as a spinich/cabbage substitute with extremely high nutritional values. I am looking forward to making rose hip cordial and Elderflower cordial! With my bullet journal I can keep a track of garden tasks, plan ahead and keep a record of what I do and when. I will also glue in seed packet fronts, so I know what varieties I have used.

When I am developing a new range, there are many designs, colour theories and concepts considered. Whereas I used to doodle on a bit of paper, I now allocate a page in my journal. If I run out of room, I tape in an extra piece of paper (pretty on one side and plain on the other). By the time I have finished, I think my journal will be a mash up of bullet journal and art journal! I have also allocated pages for important web sites, and where I buy my raw materials from eg: Ebay, Amazon or the shops.

If you enjoy buying stationary, this is a great way to experiment. I use:

Washi tape (patterned masking tape)

Fine liners

Alcoholic brush markers

Water colour pencils

A variety of pretty, printed craft paper

Fibre tipped colouring pens

It takes a few pages to find your style, and develop an aesthetic approach, but once you find your niche, it is a very relaxing thing to do, a few days/hours a week. I highly recommend it for everyone, especially crafters and artists. I think it will be very interesting to look back at the end of the year. And imagine looking back over a few years worth of journals, all the changes, events and achievements!

**This blog was written in January 2018 on a different platform.

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