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Cat's punky stuff summary

Updated: Jun 27, 2018

Happy winter Solstice, 2017 has been a very proactive and productive year!

Although I didn't start seriously making until August, and had a bit of a rush to pick which fairs to do, it all came good in the end. Cat's Punky Stuff did its bit for the local community, whilst making connections with craftisans and artists within close proximity to North Kyme. I donated to Sleaford St Johns Ambulance Christmas raffle, gave away surplus wool to a local grandma who knitted little hats for a charity, gave away fabric samples to a lady making Twiddle Muffs for people with Dementia, supported Parkinsons UK and continued the support for Lincolnshire Rabbit Rescue.

Etsy has been extremely successful, with lots of lovely feedback which will help give the shop a great reputation. A happy accident meant I became very successful internationally. This is something to continue working towards. I have deliberately avoided Ebay for the most of it, because the costs always seem to mount up to the point you make no profit on cheap items. I had also researched using Folksie, but I feel there comes a point where having too many online shops is too much to keep on top of, where less time is available for making as internet time increases. Whilst endeavouring to make for at least 12 hours a day, 7 days a week, there still needed time allocated to internet networking, online shop updates and blogs. I worked out on average from early August to mid December I worked an average of 15 hours a day. I also feel very fortunate to have got a spot selling at a shop in Woodhall Spa. I am very happy with the connections made within a 30 mile radius of home, and will continue to attend small local craft fairs in Heckington and Woodhall Spa, though the main goal for 2018 is to venture to alternative events. Already on the calendar are Steampunk Markets in Leeds and Bradford, and a Bikers Blues festival. As 2017 sailed by I made a note of the slightly bigger Christmas fairs for 2018. I plan to do fewer events, but the ones I do will be 2 days long. It still isn't time to do the alternative 3/4 day music festivals, so they will be saved for 2019.

So, here we are at 2017's Winter Solstice planning alternative valentines cards, which will go on sale before the year is out, finishing the class plan for pom pom making at Alford, painting and carving stones for next years stock, developing a new pom pom idea of Worry Worms, (or the unfortunate Worry Willy's, a result of a failed prototype), making mood boards for alternative hand-sewn wedding invites to display at events and continue making contact with local craft shops where I would like to sell my stuff.

All of the range sold well. Drafties, wreaths, lanterns, meditation stones, hand-sewn cards and pom pom baubles all went to new homes, and lots of business cards were handed out. I really hope 2018 is kind to Cat's Punky Stuff. Its very hard work not just in the time it consumes, but

Hand-painted Pom Pom fact sheet

in the amount of decisions to be made. My main goals are to continue developing the current range, still stay local except for the alternative events which are a little further afield, continue offering advise to fellow crafters and hopefully run successful craft classes. If all goes well, it will be a big year!

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