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Cat's Punky Stuff unplugged: not for the snowflakes!

Updated: Dec 11, 2018

Origins of Cat's Punky Stuff

The true meaning of being a 'punk' is not how Main Stream Media has poorly portrayed it. Yes, punk music was and is a fast, upbeat rock style, accompanied by a wardrobe of unrivalled originality. Punk wasn't about being rude, nor about expressing impatience at an out of touch establishment. The true meaning of being a punk was individuality, following a path you choose and questioning what didn't make sense. It was probably the last time society had the chance to truly express itself. You know the punks of the 70's got pretty close to the mark, by the way intellects such as John Lydon were damned by the press and characterised as the epitome of societies undesirables. And the foul language, spitting and violence? Well, the foul language was just a means to illiterate the anger of unrepresented youths on deaf ears, the spitting was actually started by the Sex Pistols, (as their singer Johnny Rotten had to medically do it whilst singing due to the affects of a bout of Meningitis when he was very young), and the inaccurately reported violence wasn't violence it all. It was incorrect accounting of punks dancing, doing the 'Pogo'!! Along with all other genre based outcasts, your typical punk is at one with himself, can think for himself and doesn't give a shit what society thinks of him!



Cat's Punky Stuff never really fits in anywhere. Too different for the 'doilies brigade craft fairs', not contemporary enough for Steampunk, nor traditional Pagan! It is a total hotch-potch of the spirit of nature, the industrial mechanics of the Victorian age and a curiosity of man's origins. Creating things that are far out on the rim of uniqueness seriously narrows potential supporters, but at the same time, those that find me will have a plethora of lovingly made gifts and household decor, to help them find the punk in themselves! I have already discussed in previous blogs my absolute disdain for the Sunday crafter which was another reason I started Cat's Punky Stuff! The things I make from the fusion of my inspirations guarantees there is nobody else out there making the things I do!

Disapproving bunny print!

Questioning the Conventional Narrative

Having spent the last 14 years researching

alternative history, conspiracy theories and

the origins of man, here is a brief list of my less controversial, adamant beliefs in no particular order:

1. We never landed on the moon, it was a propaganda, economical white elephant, so the American's could seem supreme during the cold war.

2. Darwin was wrong, explain where flowers came from, and the extreme leaps in nature and the growth of civilisations

3. The Federal Reserve is the greatest calamity to be inflicted on the world, run by the most corrupt families that have ever existed

4. Religion is a fairy tale that's got out of hand, Christianity is a money making version of Paganism with bits of many other religions added in

Pagan Triskele carved in a cobble

5. History is as inaccurate as a 5 year old in a quantum physics exam. So called 'experts' will never concede to new developments in their chosen fields, demoting themselves in the process

6. The Big Bang never happened, the universe was created by design. The chances of life developing on earth is incalculable. If just one of the basic three elements was constructed differently by the tiniest, teeny amount, we would not be here

7. All media in the west is run by just 5 companies, ensuring control over what we are told

8. Citizens in the UK think they are free, living in a modern, advanced world. This is so far from the truth, check out Japan, Singapore, Scandinavia and the Middle East (what is left of it)!

Lavender funeral buttonholes

9. The internet and Facebook are straight out of Orwell's 1984

Anyone want to discuss any of this?

Home Life

Having a husband working nights, my awake hours are usually 1 am till a bedtime of about 5 pm. This works so well, allowing me to make and dispatch most commissions within 24 hours of the order. I spend the night making, then post later that day. It is not only my hours that are usual. I don't have a TV, use solar fairy lights and candles as lighting, I make all our meals from scratch, grow veg and fruit and spend at least two hour a day with my house rabbits. Bunnies are very easy to train and will use a litter box. It is extremely therapeutic to spend time with them, allowing for a bit of downtime.


I have always walked away from every project during the development stage for regular half hour breaks. It is very easy to drill away at something without noticing defects or ways to better a certain aspect. Spending time with the rabbits is really grounding and I then return to the project refreshed, with critical eyes and a fresh cup of tea! My house rabbits are always rescue or unwanted pets, I would never buy from a shop with so many rabbits in desperate need of a loving home. Knowing the suffering rabbits experience, I donate 10% of my sales to Lincolnshire Rabbit Rescue centre, paying into their vets account either towards a current bill or so there is credit for the next patient.

Must of spring and summer is spent working on the garden. It is a constant source of inspiration, whether I am working on a new colour palette, or need some alien plant shapes for my drawings. Autumn is spent making pieces for Christmas and most of winter is spent by the

log fire with fully loaded hot chocolates, whilst I plan new ranges and work on log term projects such as my board game or the second book in 'The recurring Manuscripts, Artist Tree'. The first book, 'Element Tree' was published in 2015, and you can read about it's creation in a previous blog.

Harebells, lupins and roses in the front garden

Goals for Cat's Punky Stuff

Cat's Punky Stuff will never be mass produced. With the exception of printed cards and posters, every piece is completely unique. Although I keep colour swatches for everything I make, the colour combinations are too complicated to be replicated. They will always remain individual, unique and hand made by me, which ultimately limits what I can achieve. Cat's Punky Stuff may eventually need someone to do promoting, packing and posting, but it will always remain a little Victorian, cottage industry in rural Lincolnshire, in a manner not too dissimilar to the ideals of the Arts and Crafts Movement.!

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