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Find a niche and support it well!

So, things are starting to heat up. 3 craft fairs in the next 5 days....its going to be busy! I have got to prepare stock for a shop I am selling in, at Woodhall Spa. I visited the shop in the week, and it's lovely. Well laid out selling a good range and good quality crafts, it's in a great location (shares the supermarket car park!) in a little town that has a big tourist attendance. When you do the math it costs the price of a 5 hour craft fair, for a whole month in the shop. With this in mind, I plan to stock in shops rather than trawling around craft fairs each weekend.

In the new year, I plan to take my linen cards to wedding fairs, as there is never much happening in the craft world...everyone is skint!. I intend to do drawings that will be transfered to linen. As weddings are all year round, this could be a good steady income. I plan to make colour mood boards, with my full range of bows, envelope colours, different card colours and shapes, with a choice of wax seals for the envelopes. The basic package is a printed invite with a bow, dispatched in a tissue lined, scented gift box. The couple can then use the box as their wedding memory box. The top end package will include:

-Original artwork (presented to the couple framed and signed. For this package, the artwork is theirs, a one-off), and so will never be used again)

-Detailed mood board with all their ideas and inspiration

-Fully printed invitations and envelopes each with a bow, sealed with a hot wax seal (I will need a full guest list for this), in a clear, cello bag to protect the bow and seal in the post

-A keep-sake copy of the invite inside and out with the envelope, in a scented gift box.

In the summer I plan to take my meditation stones and Runes to music festivals, holistic and green festivals, Steampunk rallies and anything else quirky I can find. Then, at the end of the year, its back to the woollen things, pom pom wreaths and drafties. I think this will get Cat's Punky Stuff into the social circles where it can be appreciated, especially as my stuff will be in selective shops too. The problem with selling on line is getting seen, which I discussed in a previous blog. You may have the best thing in the world to sell, but if it is too far down the searches it will never get seen.

Talking of Etsy, I have opened up my shop to Europe. From the American sales I was able to work out how much postage for other parts of the world. I got some really good advice from a chap on Handcrafted UK Facebook page about international selling, and this week I have learnt:

1. Make sure Hand made in England is on everything (the Americans love this)

2. If the postage they pay is higher than the postage costs, I dont need to worry about it, as the extra bit can go towards packaging. I never consider the packaging: the paper, tape, printed labels, compliment slip and card inserts/bubble wrap, so maybe adding 10p to each postage might help with sending costs.

3. I always send a message of thanks to every buyer, but with international, I also add please allow for delivery from the UK

4. I recently learnt that our Russian friends celebrate Christmas on Jan 7th and our Spanish buddies on 6th Jan. I plan to investigate important celebrations and make hand sewn cards, I've found a niche and to support it well, I must fully research all aspects.


I have a long way to go, but my plan is simple, achievable and focused. Watch this space!

**This post was written in December 2017 on another platform.

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