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Free As A Herby Birdie

Updated: Aug 10, 2019

Since my last blog in March, I have been exceptionally busy with Etsy, making new ranges and preparing for the Winter Solstice rush. I have also decided to avoid the internet as best as I can. I will be doing regular blogs, discussing everything from the garden, interesting articles (in relation to pre-history and new discoveries) and book reviews, but avoiding Facebook and Twitter. I think that with the way social media is manipulated and controlled, it is a futile endeavour to participate in it.

My work on Etsy took a whole month, where I went through every listing to ensure all my tags were relevant, the photos are professional, and that there were no errors in any of the shipping details or colour descriptions.

Pagan Love Card design, 1 of 5 colours

I am still struggling with a good photo, though buying the new Huawei phone, which has three camera lenses for really good pictures, will certainly help. I do need to purchase 2 photo lamps, so my pictures will be more consistent. This month I will be doing the same with my Ebay shop. I am not as fond of Ebay as it costs a fortune in fees, so I only list my cards. I will be adding my Etsy shop to the Ebay listings in the hope people will check out my other Stuff.

Scented Saturnalia, Yule and Normo Christmas cards

Last Winter Solstice I nearly had trouble keeping up with the demand for these cards, and so in preparation for this year, I wanted the timely sewn squares to be made in advance, reducing my production time during the festive period. I also researched how to scent them, looking into candle oils, essential oils and the possibility of making my own at home. This season my cards will be scented with Scots Pine, Cinnamon, Ginger or the earthly Cedarwood. I also wanted to pre-prep the little free gifts I put in parcels. During the summer I give a little lavender bag with a Tibetan silver charm as decoration but for this Saturnalia I have made little 3 inch woollen robin tree decorations, scented with Cinnamon.

Cinnamon Robin tree decoration

These robins are the cutest things, each with a different expression. It may seem crazy to be planning so far ahead, but these will start flying out of the shops come September and I am usually very busy in the garden during the summer.

I have been looking into some new ideas, such as woven wall hangings and wool tassel door curtains. When we prune fruit and pine trees, I dry chunky branches which are perfect for both of my new ventures. Believe it or not, sunflower stalks are also great to incorporate into weaving. I quickly found out the world of weaving is endless. It can be neat or shabby, neutral or contrasting, a picture or abstract so I have gone my own way combining everything. After all, my stuff is suppose to be punky!

The weaving is really good fun and I have enough ideas to weave for a lifetime! Each one is very cheap to make, but very time consuming. They take about 3-4 days to make and so will be at the pricier end of my range. This one pictured is very fussy, overly-detailed and loaded with

Dried Lavender woven wall hanging

different types of lavender. The one consistency that runs through all of them is that part of the colour theme is neutral to match the jute twine warp threads (vertical threads). The jute twine is 3 mm thick, but varies quite a bit. This makes the weaving look really rustic and irregular whilst still being neat and uniformed.

So, this is what I have been up to in the last few months. I will be blogging at least once a week, to make up for the lack of action on my social media pages. These days being a crafter involves hours of self publicising to achieve reaching your target audience. By not using social media, I have to rely on my own promotion through my website and Pinterest. Personally I would rather be making and playing rather than 'computering' but it is a necessary evil in this age of instant access, immediate responses and a 'like' culture. I really dislike the social media frenzy that the whole world seems to be involved in, I really dislike the media control on what is deemed 'fake' or true! I am very anti-establishment and avoid anything that just doesn't seem right. I avoid all main news agencies because they have been proven time and again to be bias and misleading. When you talk to people in other countries beyond the boundaries that is classed as 'The West', you quickly realise just how shocking, prejudice and totally inaccurate the supply of news is.

My favourite source for news is as it is exceptional for new discoveries in ancient civilisations, (beyond the conventional crap taught in schools about the Greeks and Romans), it provides cited information with follow up research sources and really allows you to form your own opinion, something that is increasing lacking in today's society. If the internet was to go down, Nexus is the only thing I would miss. Anything I find of interest, I will be discussing here in the coming months, along with reviews of books I read. At present I am reading around the topic that man originates from Siberia, not Africa. Really fascinating, and very viable. The more I research, the more it makes perfect sense, even if you ignore the actual evidence. I have a firm belief that man migrated south, not the conventional that he moved north. This topic will be discussed in the next blog!

So after ditching Facebook and Twitter, getting a Huawei phone that has anti-snooping software, using DuckDuckGo instead of Google, I feel free as a bird. DuckDuckGo is as good as Google, but your data isn't collected and there are no adverts. I now live in an advert free zone, as we don't listen to commercial radio, haven't watched TV for 11 years and only use a newspaper for the bunnies litter box. To say life is good, is an understatement!

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