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New Colouring Sheet Concept

After a lot of research I realised that colouring sheets all follow a set pattern and there was a great deal that could be done to increase the ability to create wonderful things. Standard colouring books are printed in black, (a colour I never use as part of my colour schemes) and so grey printed colouring came into being!

I started drawing colouring sheets a bit back though I never intended to sell them. In some spare time I drew an A2 poster and coloured it in. At this point I realised the concept of colouring in could be taken to a whole new level and so I set about creating unique, very detailed designs and printed them in a subtle shade.

Another thing that caught my attention was the paper being used. Drawing books for children coloured in with wax crayons, do not need high quality paper whereas a watercolour expert would want very high quality, watercolour paper. I spent ages and a fortune shopping for the perfect paper though I do

have to roll the posters really carefully due to the thickness of the paper.

The first four colouring sheets I did were marketed as Mandala's to help with their search rankings and they have done really quite well. I drew a garden path in a circle with imagery representing the seasons. Just recently I asked myself why I hadn't drawn any more and so I have produced a few more:

Steampunk Fishes

Moon Gazing Hare

'It's OK To Be Different'

Below are the four separate corners joined to become a full Wheel of the Seasons.

Spring Crocus shows a neat and tidy garden path with receding snows and emerging crocus with fresh Spring growth sprouting in the corners

Summer Hedgerow has thickening flower beds creeping over the brick path

Autumn Meadow is full of seed pods and berried stalks

Venetian Winter is actually inspired by my visit to Venice, with snow flurries, snowballs and snow drifts.

Here on the left I have demonstrated how easy it is to interpret my Mandala drawings. By picking an element and running with it the aspects of the design start to separate and become clearly visible. The complexity of the designs help to create calm and the repeat patterns help time to pass at warp speed.

Below is a photograph to show the difference between a black print and my grey print. I chose to go this way as I have seen some beautiful colouring sheets but

I never like the heavy, thick lines. My idea is

that by colouring faint lines the artist can enhance their finished picture by adding black/dark lines in the right place to create a 3D effect or to enhance the colours.

This fishy drawing shows the secret life of fishes swimming in a pond or river, with an above water view of the surrounding mountains. I chose to make the fishes in a Steampunk style with mechanical fins and body workings purely because I couldn't find a Steampunk colouring poster! I did do some butterflies and a dragonfly but I wasn't very happy with the finished designs.

All of these examples have been coloured in using watercolours and a black fine liner. The close-up of the blue flowers on the right show how effective the grey/black lines can be, creating a subtle, soft, delicate finished piece.

Here are the current available colouring sheets:

Spring Crocus

Summer Hedgerow

Autumn Meadow

Venetian Winter

The following picture show snippets of the new colouring sheets.

[Work in progress, just finishing the new designs]

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