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Pom Pom Masterclass

Over Easter 2018 I will be giving a class in pom pom construction, at the Alford Craft Market. After contact with the craft centre, I have started formulating a basic plan as to what the pom pom class will entail. My main aims are to ensure anyone who attends my class would want to do others with me. The format will be fun, informative and culminate in creating very cute pom pom animals, chicks and bunnies!

I have had a thought of a class plan and thought it would be good to start with basic stuff. If its a success, I can then do more advanced ones. I will list here the sort of things I plan to do (quite long so make a brew!). As I am new at this, I have gone into depth with detail, explaining the sort of thing I can do. It will take me about 18 hours to prepare for it (as you'll see shortly), and the participants wont need to bring anything other than 2 balls of wool, either any shade of brown or any shade of yellow (these will be used by the group collectively. Its the cheapest and most fun way to have a fabulous colour range for the finished pieces). I will supply everything else.

Welcome pack will include:

Water colour, hand drawn fact sheet/trouble shooting on making pom poms, colour patterns etc

Detailed colour wheel

Handmade pom pom name tag

4 card discs, in 2 sizes

My contact details for remote assistance

All in a handmade folder, stitched together with jute twine. Its designed to last as a continual reference guide and storage for other notes


General welcome, introductions and class structure (5 mins)

Individual intros so everyone knows each other (5 mins)

Start by discussing colour, few games to involve everyone...colour association/recognition. eg: what colours remind you of a foggy, city street, or if I say orange and black, what comes to mind....helps people relax and interact, with no pressure to contribute (10 mins). Ill show my woollen colour reference charts, see if they can guess the pom pom theme. Show one of my wreaths and drafties.

3 demonstrations, each a few mins long, showing how to use the little pom pom machines to do graduated colour, patterns and a complicated advanced colour effect.

Explain what the pom pom can then be used to decorate, tying them together on different mediums, rug-making fabric, wire etc


Make one graduated colour pom pom (if quick, as everyone works at different speeds, option to make a detailed pom pom with 1-2-1 help)

Make a chick or bunny


Introduction to colour theory

Give the crafter all the knowledge needed to be able to create a pom pom masterpiece, with all the class info in their welcome pack

Ensure the crafters have a few examples to take home as reference, with a finished final piece.

I will supply

Bead eyes and noses

Felt ears and wings


If the participants want to bring their own pom pom machines instead of using the discs thats fine, but theyre £5 each which on top of everything else would make the class pricey! The card discs are traditional, but after I have demonstrated the machine, they can then buy their own if it is something they would like to develop. This keeps the costs of the class low. If they want to bring extra wool, thats great too as the better the colour palette we have, the more fabulous the finished pieces will be..

The crafters will go away ozzing with knowledge, masters of the pom pom.

This is an extremely exciting project, and could lead to greater things!

**This blog was written in January 2018 on another platform.

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