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The Power

Of Colour

A visual look at my colour records, analysis and inspiration

I love colour and am totally fascinated by it! Everything I make stems from wanting to see different colours together, especially with my wool Stuff. I keep a full record of my wreaths and drafties so any successes can be used again. When I make the birdies they are really little colour experiments that I can use on bigger Stuff.

Neautral colour match
Grey colour matches
Orange colour match
Pink colour match
Purple colour match
Blue colour match
Green colour watch
Colour swatches
My garden is the main source of my inspiration and I will spend ages watching a flower change colour as the sun moves. Nature is exceptional at choosing colours so it seems an obvious place to look. I have made in-depth colour studies and posted them as blogs, both as video and text. 
A musing I have had for a while is 'Are their any turquoise flowers?'. I started to think about this when I was photographing my birdies as the jade coloured ones always came out blue, it seemed the digital spectrum couldn't identify turquoise, teal and all those other colours between blue and green. Straight away I realised there were no turquoise flowers; There are blue flowers and of course green leaves (and flowers) so I guess there is a cut off in the flower colour spectrum due to the roles both flowers and leaves have. This is ongoing research (Aug 2020) as it's all quite new, but exciting to have fresh wonderings!
Wool Room
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