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Organic Lavender

Long Wands and big bags

Bright lavender flowers ready for harvest

These photographs of lavender in my garden shows where I got the inspiration for the colour of this page, the silver green of a lavender stem as shown by the arrow!

Bee landing on dark purple lavender

My quest for Lavandula started many years ago when I saw how much of it went onto the garden compost heap. I put a post on social media asking for unwanted lavender, where I would harvest and trim the plant, weed the bed and offer a gifty made with the lavender of the garden. I had lots of great responses and since then I have a network of 'Lavender Guardians'.

Several gardens in surrounding villages give up their lavender, and although my husband and I work very hard each autumn at getting it all hung in the barn, I do get an unlimited supply for free. This in turn enables me to donate to the rabbit rescues each year.

The first summer I had collected all this lavender, I had no idea what to do with it all. It is fortunate that all the stems were very long which inspired me to keep the magnificence of the stems as part of the finished item. This is when my lavender sceptres were created.

Their development was an obvious direction as I wanted to ensure the flowers weren't lost over time. The design concept came really quickly and although every stem is laid by hand it is very satisfying making these wands.

Long organic, handpicked lavender wand
Long organic, handpicked lavender wand

I have written a few in-depth blogs about my lavender, so here are the links:

Lavender wand harvest time
Secrets of the Lavender harvest

6 different lavender bushes in my garden

As it is a fine balance to harvest the right amount of lavender for the year, I decided to create unique lavender bags with the surplus. Each season my lavender is fresh and so these bags allow me to control how much spare I can sell on, resulting in no waste and fresh lavender each November.

These lavender bags have been so popular with a huge amount of freshly dried, hand picked, organic lavender in each.

Large organic, handpicked  lavender bags with Pagan design and charms

These bags are a result of being asked about my drawings on my cards. People wanted to see the designs larger and so as I already had these calico bags for the birdies it seemed obvious to use the same design and theme as the cards on the bags. They are really substantial, look great and smell great. An added bonus is that any of my card designs can be put onto these bags! If I know it is a gift, it'll even come gift wrapped!

Lavender Wands 5* Reviews

"So well made and wrapped amazingly. From an artist, not just a seller. Great communication, all around 5 stars"

"What can I say apart from WOW! These lavender wands are simply beautiful, such attention to detail, they were beautifully wrapped and are just perfect! I will 100% be ordering more as gifts"

Organic Lavender wands
Organic, handpicked long-stemmed lavender bags

Lavender bags 5* reviews


"Cat takes customer service to the next level. She always sends a message when the items are ready to ship and once they’ve shipped. I absolutely love shopping in her shop."

"I have been ordering from Cat since 2018 and it is always wonderful to buy from her. The lavender sachet smells wonderful and is beautifully packaged."

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