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Scented cards

Bespoke, personalised

The success of these cards happened by accident! When I first listed the Saturnalia Tree in error it showed free USA postage. I took a loss on the first sale and posted the card. As soon as I got home, I amended the shipping details but the orders kept flooding in from the USA. Each year the sales figures for these tree cards goes up two-fold, to the point I now have to make them all year round. It was a natural progression to have more designs available all year and so now there are over 30 designs.

Scenting them took a lot of research! I tried making scented oils at home, but development was time consuming and I was starting at novice level. The cards needed to smell as good as they looked and felt, and so I invested in some high quality oils of earthly, woody and herby scents. The year round scents are Cedarwood and Lavender, whilst the festive cards smell of Cinnamon, Ginger and Scots Pine.

The latest range of cards are the 'kissing hares under the moon, sat on an infinity symbol' Handfasting Pagan Love cards which have already done really well!

Scented Cards 5* Reviews

"This card is simply stunning - I'm almost tempted not to post it and frame it instead!"

"Love love love these cards!! They arrived quickly and in excellent condition! The smells are wonderful and not too strong. I have gifted all these cards and each person loved them! Thank you for making such amazing gifts!!"

Autumn handfasting handmade Pagan scented card
Hoppy Christmas house rabbit handmade card

"Once again, these beautiful cards are exquisitely finished. The pictures are just adorable & have that hand-made essence that makes every card a special & thoughtful gift. I've bought one of these for my grandchildren as I feel they make wonderful keepsakes/pictures. All of this seller's work is outstanding & Cat herself an absolute joy to buy from. I cannot recommend this seller or her work highly enough"

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