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Draft Excluders

Luxuriously chunky

I made the first pom pom draft excluder for a friend in 2011 and although it has endured kiddies and doggos, it is just as effective as when it was new. I developed the Drafties so they had so much more to offer than the usual draft excluder. Living in an old cottage we have weird drafts and so my main goal was to ensure the drafty could bend and hold its shape. 

They are spectacular at keeping out chills as the large pom poms can be squished into any nook and cranny. They can be bent to cover a right-angled draft, used on a window sill and in summer, they can  be hung on the back of the door as a decoration. Their construction also took into consideration how to keep them clean. By putting two hooks along the bottom of the door the drafty can be hung thereby following the door rather than being a trip hazard

Wrapped wool colour palettes
Colourful wool room
Pastel coloured wool pom pom draft excluder
Draft Excluders 5* Reviews
"Absolutely beautiful, high quality and perfectly packaged. Cat went above and beyond to create this for us and we are so happy with the result. "

"Excellent design - fit for purpose and universally admired"

"If you are thinking of purchasing something from Cat... just do it! I bought this draft excluder as a housewarming present for my new house mate. I didn't even need to wrap it because it was presented so beautifully! It also came with lots of other surprises which was very heart warming. The excluder is so fun and suits my housemate wonderfully, and of course is a great draft excluder. Thank you Cat for a wonderful gift and I definitely will be purchasing from your shop again."

Chestnut and milky chocolate brown wool pom pom draft excluder
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