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Contemporary Traditional Christmas Card Guide

Updated: Aug 4, 2023

A visual guide to the many different contemporary, traditional cards, designed for folks who do Christmas their own way!

This blog has been written so that you can view all of my contemporary traditional Christmas cards summarised all in one place, simplifying your decision with links (click on the underlined card name) to take you straight back to the card of your choice on Etsy. At the end there is a link to matching lavender bags.

Option to add your own words and/or a bronze coloured wax seal for that extra special occasion


Christmas Moon Gazing Hares and North Star card, Inside 'May this Christmas star bring you love, laughter and happiness', cinnamon scented



Three different designs each with a different scent

Yuletide Wreath, Inside 'Yuletide Blessings', Cinnamon scented

Mistletoe Wreath Card Blank inside, Cedarwood scented

Holly Wreath Card Blank inside, Ginger scented



Green Christmas Tree, Blank inside, Scots Pine scented

Cream Christmas Tree Blank inside, Cinnamon scented

Silent Night Tree, Blank inside, Scots Pine scented


Finally here are the different wordings already mentioned and printed inside some of the cards. They show the artistry by which your own words may be laid out. If you want your own words added to a card the pre printed words are included unless you state you want it blank with just your words adding. Remember to pick the font of your choice, though I will pick one to match your words if you forget!



Using antique bronze coloured hot wax I put a seal on the point of the envelope. There is double sided tape underneath the point for extra stickiness.

Snowflake Pagan Moon Rabbit Heart Bee

I have made these hand drawn notelets with tips on how to use the seals and its so simple.

  • Write the card and envelope.

  • Peel the tape under the seal

  • Lick the envelope and stick down

All of my card designs are available on large, natural calico lavender bags, filled with organic, hand picked lavender harvested from local gardens. They have been created as a permanent vessel for my designs and as a long life reminder to the beautiful words you can include in the matching card. They come exquisitely packed ready for gifting


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