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The Best Draft Excluders

Updated: Dec 3, 2022

Draft excluders come in all shapes and forms from bristles and brushes to hand crafted made from material or yarn pom poms. They are really effective and relatively inexpensive when you consider the savings made on energy costs.

Handmade draft excluders come in two forms, fabric tubes stuffed with a filling or the lesser available pom poms. After researching what a Drafty must do to prevent drafts I quickly noticed that fabric tubes are rigid and cannot be manipulated to completely block drafts. Wool pom pom 'Drafties' are fabulous as they can be pushed into cracks and gaps completely forming a draft barricade. Wool pom poms act exactly like a sheep's woolly coat by trapping cold air between the yarn strands.

I developed my Drafties so they have features no other excluders have.

  • Constructed on bendable wire the Drafties can be bent into a right angle for vertical drafts

  • By tying ribbon in 2 or 3 places the Drafties can be hung on the bottom of the door, so they are less in the way

  • They are very aesthetic and whilst in winter they have a job to do, during the warmer months they look great hung or curled up somewhere for a year-round addition to your home decor

My first Drafty is ten years old now and despite looking its age having been played with by kiddies and doggos, it is still fully functional, fabulous in colour and strong in stature. The colour combinations are endless, so I do keep a colour swatch of each Drafty and no two are the same. Not only do these door snakes have creative individualism they are little pieces of artwork adding a cosy home, rustic accent to any decor as well as being so functional. The added beauty of these draft excluders is that they can be made to any length though as standard they are 86 cm long. The average front door in the UK comes in four sizes between 71 and 81 cm and so my Drafties have enough length that they cover the width of the door and some or can be bent up a little at each end, or all the extra could cover a vertical draft on just one side.

Here are thumbnail images of my Drafties to compare and contrast all the colours. The larger images under the Drafty names are close ups to best show all the colours and click on the name for a direct link to a full description, video and more info. The large images run in the same order as the thumbnails. Some of these may sell but I will try to keep it undated. (Edit: these Drafties are selling quicker than I can make them and so there may be some Drafties in the shop that haven't made it here yet) Contact me for your own bespoke Drafty in the colours and length of your choice.

Below are all the current Drafties I have made with direct links to my Etsy shop. I've tried to group them so the colours flow starting with bright and vibrant to subtle neutral colours and ending with rainbows!

Stormy Rainbow SOLD

End Of The Rainbow SOLD

A Cottage Garden SOLD

Snowstorm SOLD

Winter's Dawn SOLD

Winter Skies SOLD

Sea and Skies SOLD