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'Tis the season for giving

Updated: Dec 24, 2023

It has been a very rabbity few weeks, with the arrival of our new house rabbit Stella and just this week I made the annual donation** to the rabbit rescue. What with Stella literally following me around the house, even sleeping in our bed and the wonderful set up at the rabbit rescue I thought a thoroughly bunny blog was due!

This week I made our donation to a local rabbit rescue, this year in Grantham, which I have done every mid-December since 2019. I choose to do it in December because I think animal charities lose out a bit at Christmas time when money becomes allocated to the festive season. This year our rabbit rescue is slightly different in that there are a few different locations to it and they take in all domestic and wildlife, nothing is ever turned away. Our donation will be reserved for bunnies throughout the year that Wendy takes in, allowing the rescue to direct funds to other needy souls. I visited Roger at his home with his hooman Wendy and was so inspired by their set up that it gave me the idea for this blog. (look in the centre of this photo just above Roger, you can see one of the other rescue bunnies having a hop around the garden!)

I came across the rescue through a dear friend when I was in need of a boy bunny for my doe Jessica. As with any bonded pair of bunnies if one of the pair passes it is crucial to get a replacement immediately. Bunnies are exceptionally tactile, loving and reliant on their partner, and can easily pine away with a bereavement. Unfortunately Jessica was too distraught and passed three weeks after her husbunny Mr Bing, even though our new boy Tsuki had acted honourably and affectionately. This left us with a new boy bunny needing a girlfriend.

It was most fortunate that the rescue had just taken in some more rabbits and guinea pigs and
had even messaged me to let me know in case I could give forever homes to any more, or if I knew of anyone who wanted bunnies.
We went and collected two bonded sisters (bonded means they are reliant on each other for company, grooming and social interaction), and they already knew our boy Tsuki because he had been rescued earlier from the same place. Our 'Three Bakewells' as we called them were such fun because they all looked the same, and having three was no different to having two. 

One of the girls, Won Moon, had respiratory problems and passed about six months after we got her. This caused me great concern as it meant Tsuki had lost two partners in just six months and I knew if anything happened to Tzu, his remaining wife, it would completely ruin him. I had the idea to get another pair, but the thought of four in the house was just a bit too much. Then my close friend Zoe told me about a house rabbit in Coningsby that needed an indoor home. A week later we took in Stella, and then the fun really started.

When we had made the two trips to the rescue in Grantham I had seen the undercover hutches each with an outdoor run around area. One pair of bunnies had a whole kiddies wooden Wendy house to themselves and there was another huge hutch with running space underneath. It was clear that all the bunnies had a great place to live and I could tell they were so happy. They had really deep, clean beds and handfuls of hay and fresh veg, with blankets to go over the hutches at night.

All their needs were being met. What inspired me the most to support this rescue is the 'above and beyond' they go to, to rehome the bunnies. I heard that one bunny was once again a house rabbit in a knowledgeable bunny house miles from Grantham, so that was a great rehome to find. Another bunny found a forever home as a therapy bunny. These rabbits have gone through traumatic times, but as soon as they get to Wendy's their troubles are over!

As I sit here writing, Stella is sitting right next to me. She has actually bonded to us, rather than the Bakewells and so life in our cottage has slowed down considerably, She is the second bunny

to bond with me and so I knew what was expected of us. If your bunny bonds to you, it is your job to offer everything a bunny partner would. Lots of nose rubs, back scratches (in those hard to reach places) and companionship all take time. We are at home every day all day which is perfect for a bonded house rabbit giving her continuous attention. which is our responsibility, that she needs and sometimes demands. We were told she was a bit of a diva and boy, were they right. 

Stella is a brilliant little rabbit, who's love knows no bounds. She hops in circles around our feet, which means 'you're mine and I love you!' She sits with one of her paws on your foot whilst you
cook, which means 'don't forget I'm just here!' and she follows you to the bathroom just because she is nosey. Her three favourite games are 1. 'Warren', where she burrows between the blankets. Bunnies like the sensation of the closeness they have whilst in their burrows and the blanket recreates that sensation of a dark, cramped, warm place. 2. 'Stair Challenge' is such a dangerous game, wait until you hear this one. As we walk up the stairs, Stella runs down past you, turns and comes back up. Our stairs have two small landings and go in a square shape. Stella likes to sit and wait on the next landing for you to catch up. As you become eye height she waits for a nose rub. If you don't give her attention she sits in the way, if you do rub her nose she realises she's onto a winner, hops to the next two landings for a bit of the same! 3. 'Pony' is the strangest thing I've seen, no word of a lie! When my husbunny was crouched on the floor talking to the bunnies Stella ran up a few of the stairs so she was level with his back, and jumped on! Paul crawled on the floor and the rabbit just sat there like Lady Muck being chauffeured around. I know rabbit behaviour but this had me stumped. I think it must be because she is so small that the extra height gave her some advantage and a feeling of being safe. Or she has worked out she doesn't need to walk when she can get a ride! Why walk when you can float? Diva indeed!
It wasn't this easy or as fun to begin with, as we had spent lots of time trying to bond Stella with the two Bakewells. Introducing a third to a bonded pair is very difficult as the two tend to gang up on the newcomer, bonding two pairs is much easier as it evens out the numbers. We sectioned half of the house off with Stella having exclusive access upstairs and we put food, water and treats in the same place either side of the mesh divide. Within quite a short space of time, maybe 3 or 4 days, they would all eat treats at the same time, all harmonious and

peaceful on either side of the divide. After three weeks we took away the divide, waited for all hell to break out, ready to step in and split them up, just in case, but they virtually ignored each
other. Stella now lives upstairs with us, venturing downstairs whilst the Bakewells napped in the afternoon sun on the sofa in the front room. The Bakewells would half heartedly play chase her but she was so fast she was up stairs before they knew which direction she had gone in. Tzu now also comes upstairs to play with Stella and it's not uncommon to hear them tearing about the house at 2 in the morning play chasing each other. They have become quite good friends, but not touching buddies yet, they will share a snack but not groom each other or nap together.
Finally, last night as a sign of total trust and acceptance of us into her warren, Stella actually slept under the blanket with her head poking out, nuzzled into Paul's neck. She slept like it all night, the warmth of somebunny else, the feeling of another heart beat, the warmth of breath, the security of the blanket, it must have been a complete warren experience!

Having a house rabbit bonded to you is very time consuming, I spend maybe three hours a day with Stella, as does my husbunny, but the rewards are quite amazing. Rabbits are very intelligent, extremely affectionate and make great house pets. We've been through chaos over the last month, but the patient approach and constant attention has made sure our bonding of three bunnies has been a success, and the cottage is once again harmonious and peaceful..

If you would like to support the rescue 'C&L Animal Tracks' directly, here is a link to their Facebook page!

** I am a firm believer in karma and that what goes around comes around. As I harvest all of my own lavender for my filled hares and wares for free, I like to give a bit back. If I had to buy my lavender this donation wouldn't be possible.

Festive blessings to rabbits and hares everywhere, and extra special magical festive blessings to everybunny who has supported me this year. This annual donation is thanks to you.
Merry Christmas x

'Hoppy Christmas and a binkie zoomies New Year!'

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Dec 23, 2023

What a lovely story. I just love the image you give of Stella leaping off the stair onto your husbunny's back lol They all look beautiful and well cared for. Thank you for sharing.😁

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