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Colour Science

Morning! I love colour. So much can be expressed through colour, where good or bad choices can make a piece either exceptionally magical, or uninspiring. I mainly use earth tones and NEVER use black. There is no place for black in my palette as I prefer to use the darkest shade of a colour instead (with the exception of my ink work, where the black has to be solid and deep in colour).

We all know that as a rule, boys and girls have different ranges of colour description eg, Boys say green, whereas girls would say olive green, forest green or apple green etc. It got me thinking, what if we all see things IN different colours. Eg, when I say the sky is blue, someone else might see the sky in the colour I call green! When I say the grass is green, someone else might see the grass in the colour I call yellow! This really messes with my thoughts, as there is no way to prove it. So, is blue the same colour for everyone?

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