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A Gardeners Crafting Diary December 2023

Updated: Apr 15

In preparation for when I upgrade my website I will be posting a monthly diary blog, compiled of a short note and a photograph. At the end of the blog there will be details of the new things in the making and details of developing new ideas. These diary blogs will ensure I am using the website regularly, keeping it very active without bothering subscribers every five minutes!

Thursday 14th December

Today I made our donation to the rabbit rescue in Grantham and here you can see me giving a gift card to Roger. He was speechless! Wendy helped him put it in his pocket and I could tell he was very grateful!

This is a new rescue to receive our donation and I chose them because of the extremes they have gone to, to rescue, house and find a proper forever home for homeless bunnies. I have had three bunnies (The Three Bakewell's) from this rescue, and so I know first hand how they go above and beyond with total focus on the rabbits welfare. They are not exclusively a rabbit rescue, all sorts of wildlife and domestic animals are taken in, but this year they have had seven rabbits through their doors. Our donation will be used throughout the year, as and when they have rabbits come in, meaning the rescue is ready for any bunnies that need their help.

Friday 15th December

As it's just 5 working days until Winter Solstice it is a good time for me to start making the little gifty 'year round' robins, whilst watching festive movies. I'd like to think it'll add a little Christmas magic to them! I LOVE making these as I know I'm in for a day of cuteness! I will make 100 of them, which should see me through until the summer! My husbunny helps cutting wool lengths and together we enjoy making little robins 


Thursday 21st December

Solstice Blessings, I hope the season brings you love, laughter and happiness!

Here is a photograph of my Yule Log, courtesy of my very dear friend Zoe. Each year she makes me a Yule Log from the hedgerows about her Lincolnshire farmhouse because she knows December is very busy for me.

This year's log is extra special as Zoe has included some of her home grown Oyster mushrooms. The picture doesn't do the log justice as it's absolutely wondrous and beautiful. Whilst most normal people burn their logs on Solstice, I keep mine on the mantelpiece till the following year, so I'll be burning last year's log tonight!

Sunday 24th December

In preparation for some new pom pom ranges I have swapped the upstairs and downstairs craft room over. There comes a time when every crafter has to have a big sort out as we all know there are two sides to crafting 1. the craft itself and 2. the buying and collection of craft supplies. I opened a cupboard that had been off limits due to too much stuff and look at how fabulous the inside is! That is 1975 or before wallpaper and shelf wrap! Looking at those colours and the style I would say we have come a full circle!

Monday 25th December

Happy Christmas!
This is our first Christmas with our new bunny Stella. She can be seen here with a rosemary cracker treat, something all our bunnies go nuts for. These crackers are for humans (from Lidl's, the best crackers in the world!) so the buns only get a postage stamp amount once a week or so. I'm not sure if it's the saltiness or the rosemary flavour, but as soon as I go to the cracker cupboard and rustle the packet, rabbits come running from all directions!
For Christmas the bunnies got balsa wood chew carrots, a selection of string balls to chew, fresh pulled grass and garden herbs (not always possible as it depends on the weather) and festive cranberry flavoured bunny biscuits!

Thursday 28th December

During the quieter spell between Christmas and New Year I check all of my wool stocks. I have a piece of dowel which holds all of the sleeves from balls of wool I have bought, with a sample of the wool attached as a colour reference. I have about 150 colours and so it is important to keep a track of where I bought the wool from.
Currently there is a problem with the wool stockists, as the developing issues with shipping in the Red Sea has started to cause supply chain problems. Anticipating this problem could escalate, I have over-stocked all of the wools I use, not just what I needed. There were a few colours that were already unavailable, and so I have been into town to try and find substitutes.  

Saturday 30th December

My love of colour features in all facets of my life, from rainbow salads, my colour schemed flower beds, to the hazel and willow tree we have in the kitchen. The branches fan out from the trunk in the corner of the room, hung with all manner of things. Bright coloured chinese lanterns, pastel coloured Easter eggs, little collections of random rabbit decorations and a few of my pom poms surplus to previous projects. There are little solar fairy lights strung throughout looking like a starry sky through the branches! I found some beautiful chocolate decorations which matched the tree beautifully, so I've vowed to not eat the choccies because the tree looks so great, but come on, me, not eat chocolate?

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2 commentaires

I wish I could be that organised. What a wonderful find in the cupboard, that wallpaper and shelf wrap are stunning.


Another great read Cat, love your writing it’s like a story and provides a real visual tale. Happy New Year to you all xx

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