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Shopping Locally

Went out yesterday for lots of basic bits and bobs such as sisal twine and plastic coated garden wire. After 4 shops from DIY, to garden centres and with no luck I turned to the internet. I buy most of my construction materials on line, but for a change thought I would buy locally. It became quickly apparent that although its good to support local shops, (which I do with my wool and wood!), you can't beat the ease of the internet. I ordered my string and wire, free postage, here in 2 days and was cheaper than the shops! There's no incentive to get the car off the drive!!!

Another point about ordering from the net, is that you have a record of where everything was bought. This is priceless when repeat buying.

I wasn't a fan of the net just recently, as Amazon has been inundated with Asian sellers, so delivery time is in excess of 3 weeks, one seller was going to take 6 weeks to get the stuff to me. I have no problems with the Chinese selling market, I purchase from 'Wish' whenever I don't need something urgently. A 3 week wait is fine if the goods are FREE (just pay postage), or 50% cheaper than UK sellers. Wish is an absolute god send, if you can handle the lengthy delivery time. I got my white organza bags with snowflakes on for FREE, yes FREE and just paid £1 postage, for 10 bags. A local shop to me was selling the same thing (plain, without snowflakes) at 45p, the internet is back in favour, you just have to be savi with your choice of sites. Besides, its so much more fun shopping in your pjs with a cuppa, than dealing with traffic, parking and the added expense.

Hand dried lavender bags

Has anyone else managed to continue to shop locally?

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