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Unique and creative pom poms

Updated: Apr 16

This blog has been specifically written for people looking for unique, creative and unusual craft pom poms. (It may be a little boring unless you're looking for poms, but it is pretty and worth a little, quick look!) The point of all of these wool pom poms is to offer fabulous alternatives to a saturated market. There are many poms a lot cheaper than mine, but if you are looking for a feature pom for a craft project, this is the only place where there are 123 different colours and styles to choose from. Plus of course, I can make them in your own colour palette. For an exact colour match, I have a listing for that too (explained at the end)

How to use this blog
The first five large photographs below show all the poms I currently make, laid out in colours:
Blues, greens, yellows/orange, reds/pink, purples and greys/browns.
Naturally some colours may overlap, if you were looking for apricot, I would check out the yellow, brown and pink poms. Once you have found the poms you like, scroll down to the smaller photos where there are clickable links straight to the listings on Etsy!


Greens, including turquoise

Yellow and orange, including beige and rusty pinks

pinks and reds


Grey and browns

Click on the names below to go directly to the listing

Below are direct links to the poms of your choice, with the colour names. Once on the Etsy pom listing, select which size and which colour you want. The video on each listing also show the colours accurately


10. Rusty Pink, starry accent
11. Rusty Pink, snowball accent
12. Rusty Pink, full colour

(missed 5, oops)


(I need to be a little more creative with names for purple poms, it's a bit Lilac-y!)


Colour match Service

My poms are made from more than one colour with the wools varying in weight and texture, as they are chosen for just their colour. To use this colour match service allow a few days as I send you wool samples through the post. You decide which colours you want, (I have matching, numbered samples here). I then make a tiny 20mm (2 cm) pom and send it to you. From there I would make a bespoke listing, and send you the link, deducting the cost of the colour match service.

Please note if using this blog in conjunction with purchasing poms, please double-check your basket. This blog was a massive volume of work taking a week to compile with new photographs, a day on photoshop and the actual writing of this piece, and although I have checked that the links are correct, please check yourself before purchase!
Thank you

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