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William Morris Bookmarks with handmade pom poms

I don't know about you but it seems as if someone has been out overnight with a colour-by-numbers. The flowers have exploded into colour and it is so welcoming as I was sure I'd lost a lot of plants in the very long, dry April to September last year. This has had a huge impact on my creativity which has also exploded to the point that I cannot keep up with all of my new ideas.

Now that the garden is back in colour I will as always be studying colour combinations, plant

construction and flower design. My fabulous tulips have been quite incredible, (I have over 50 different types!) and they helped me to choose great colours for my new William Morris bookmarks, using actual pieces of Morris wallpaper left over from decorating our cottage. I am actually furious with myself as I threw away so many good sized samples. but I have enough to get on with. I have also included a Cole and Son purple sweet pea as it is so similar in style to the Morris wallpapers I have already chosen. These little bookmarks came about as I made one for myself as I had been using a

piece of string. I really liked the look, feel and whole aesthetics of the bookmark so started to think about how I could offer a great range of colours in celebration of the vintage colours Morris is famous for.

I LOVE the colour palette I have created for these bookmarks and plan to do some yarn wrappings with it and already have a few great ideas. As I said at the start, creativity is so rich at the moment it really is hard to keep up!!! The handmade pom poms hanging in clusters are light and a cute traditional accent for such venerable wallpaper designs.

The bookmarks are really sweet as each one is different as they are actual pieces of wallpaper, 7 x 2 inch or 17.5 x 5 cm approx.) not a photocopied image. I have stamped my logo on the back so I am not forgotten! Whilst there are four papers to choose from, two are in short supply and once they are gone, they're gone (unless I can source some more Morris paper samples)

Above are the pom poms matched against various Morris wallpapers. Unfortunately I didn't have

any of the blue paper which is a shame as it would have been fabulous. I do have quite a bit of Willow Bough and the Sweet Pea (not a Morris paper) and I'm constantly on the search for Morris wallpaper scraps!

The bookmarks come wrapped in tissue and a little organza ribbon so they are all ready to be gifted. As someone who reads I would be really chuffed with one of these as a gift. The handmade pom poms are really tactile to twiddle whilst you read, and can be comforting if you're reading something scary or sad. Add a drop of your favourite essential oil into the centre of one of the poms for a bit of luxury!

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